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 Pendulum Mount PM10

Pendulum Mount

Place your flat-panel displays wherever you want, with the flexibility of the Pendulum Mount's unique pendulum and rotational motion.

Whether in a dental operatory or hospital room, the Pendulum Mount™ provides perfect viewing by patients and staff from all angles, whether the patient is seated upright or reclined. When not required, simply move the monitor out of the way.

  • Counter-sprung movement makes moving the mount effortless - with just one hand

  • No awkward locking knobs or latches

  • No unsightly cables and posts

  • Use with various kinds of ceilings

  • Arm moves 180° & rotates 360°

  • Display tilts up & down, pans left & right & rotates

Ergonomic and easy to use, the Pendulum Mount allows for a smoother work flow in your practice, resulting in greater productivity for you and a more comfortable experience for your patients.

Pendulum Mount in angled positionPendulum Mount soffit locationPendulum Mount in reclined viewing positionPendulum Mount

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Pendulum Mount

PM Series Pendulum Mount

The classic Pendulum Mount™ is manufactured from machined aluminum with a clear anodized finish.

Available as a special order, the PM20 Heavy-duty Pendulum Mount is designed to accommodate larger flat screens up to 30 lbs. Larger gas springs counterbalance the increased weight so the mount remains easy to position.

SL Series SlimLine Pendulum Mount

Taking advantage of today's lighter displays and cabling options, the SlimLine Pendulum Mount™ provides the functionality of the classic PM Series mounts in a slimmer, lighter and less expensive product. The SL10 is designed for TVs and monitors up to 32" (20 pounds).

SL Series mounts are made from silver or optional white powder-coated tubing with anodized aluminum fittings. Custom colors are also available.

For taller ceilings, optional longer upper tubes are available along with alternative adapters for mounting to angled ceilings, open joists and other situations.

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